A Healthy Camp Experience Begins at Home

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As you consider summer camp options for your child this month, remember these recommendations to help your child have a great camp experience:

• Know your camp’s policy about illness and attendance.
• Teach your child to wash his or her hands often.
• If your child has mental, emotional or social health challenges, talk with a camp representative in advance.
• Make sure your child has appropriate closed-toe shoes for activities like soccer or hiking.
• Send enough clothes for your child to dress in layers if necessary.
• Fatigue contributes to injuries and illnesses. Talk to your child about getting enough rest at night.
• Pack sunscreen and teach your child how to apply it.
• Send a reusable water bottle and instruct your child to refill it frequently.
• Tell your child to talk with his or her counselor about problems or things that bother him or her while at camp.
• Should an illness develop or your child share an upsetting story during camp, contact the camp. Good communication is essential.

Source: American Camp Association

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