A D.I.Y. Thanksgiving!

Turkey Toes

I’m sure you have already noticed all of the holiday decorations that have taken over the stores which means it is time to start planning for the holidays, and no I don’t mean my birthday in a couple of weeks 😉 But please do feel free to plan a party for me, just let me know where to be when!

Alas, I again digress; back to holiday planning. Thanksgiving is a holiday that can be tough to decorate for and since it is smack dab in the middle of Halloween and Christmas you may not feel up to doing too much decorating. Enter a few easy tips from your favorite Clueless Chick. There are, as always, easy and inexpensive ways to throw together a few DIY decorations that will be sure to create fun memories for the whole family.

Turkey Toes
Yes, Turkey Toes 🙂 Thanksgiving can be a crazy time of year, and for many of us, it might be hard to tear the family away from the football game to sit down to eat. I’ve come up with a very enticing way to lure everyone to the table – sugar! The healthiest of choices, no, but who can’t use a little candy?

Turkey Toes are made of nothing more than leftover candy corn and who doesn’t have a bag or two of candy corn left over after Halloween? If you have more self-control than the average bear, good for you! All you need to do is stop by just about any store that sells candy and take advantage of the 50 percent off sale the day after Halloween.

Once you have your candy corn ready to go, all you need are small bags (which can be found at any craft store or your BFF’s craft stash) and some cardstock or printable labels.

Candy Corn
Small bags (pretzel or lollipop are a good size) or small clear boxes
Cardstock or printable labels

Print, or write, ‘Turkey Toes’ on your cardstock or labels. Fill each bag or box with candy corn and attach your ‘Turkey Toes’ label. If you are using bags, simply fold over the open end of the bag and staple your cardstock to the bag to keep is securely closed – or – fold over the open end of the bag and secure it closed with your printed label.

Voila! You have a super simple Thanksgiving treat the whole family with love.

TIP: These also make the perfect holiday treat for all of the kids at school or everyone in your office.

Festive Fall Centerpiece

I am not usually one to create elaborate centerpieces, so you can count on me for a super simple idea for your fall table. Although cornucopias are beautiful, they can be fairly expensive and a pain to move when it is time for dinner. Enter my favorite Festive Fall Centerpiece (say that five times fast).


Not only is this D.I.Y. super simple, it is also very inexpensive. By snagging deals at the dollar store and Walmart I was able to make this entire centerpiece for under $15! For me, what is even more exciting than getting such a good deal was having my little guys help me. After picking all of my materials at the store I sent the boys out into the yard to pick up their favorite leaves. This time of year we are never short on beautiful dried leaves – they are all.over.the.place. The boys had fun picking out their favorite leaves and then swapping them out for their new favorite leaves. The only rules I set were that the leaves had to already be on the ground and dry (there are so many to choose from you don’t want to waste your time drying or cleaning a single leaf).

Glass hurricane, vase or wide glass candleholder
Un-popped popcorn
Dried leaves

Place the candle in the center of your hurricane, pour the up-popped popcorn around it and place your leaves between the candle and glass.

TIP: To add additional height to your candle, simply place a small can (tomato paste or a soup can) in the hurricane beneath the candle. This will also save you money on your candle!

A Krafty Dinner Table
When it comes to decorating, and protecting, your dinner table, keep it simple. Instead of worrying about the inevitable cranberry sauce and gravy incidents or your little messy eaters, cover your table with Kraft paper! You can pick up an inexpensive roll of Kraft paper at your local craft store that you will use not only as your table covering, but also for art projects, gift wrapping and even packing.

Once you’ve covered your table with Kraft paper, gab a few crayons and get to decorating! Or even better, leave the crayons out and let the whole family color during dinner. You can also use the Kraft paper to label each of the dishes on the table. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to take pictures of, or cut out, any memorable artwork from the Kraft Table.

TIP: Save yourself a few bucks and create a patchwork table covering with your used paper grocery bags. You can’t beat a free, recyclable tablecloth!

Happy Birthday Month to Me! Oh, I mean Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

Until next time,
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