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DIY: Backyard Olympic Games for Families

The 2021 summer Olympics in Tokyo kicks off the end of July. For 17 days, athletes from around the world will compete in 339 events across 33 sports. Get in the spirit of competition, pageantry and fun with your own at-home games. This is an easy and affordable way to mix up family time or host a day full of…

Sensory Clubhouse Opening Soon in Chapel Hill

Mark your calendars for July 17 when the Triangle gets its very first sensory clubhouse, Sensored Vibes. Designed for the neurodiverse community, this safe space will bring together kids, adults, parents, and professionals. Equally important, it will provide a sensory…

ADVICE: Why Does My Kid Seem Uncoordinated?

Body awareness is an important part of the developmental process, but it’s not a milestone we pay much attention to. For many of us, body awareness is not something we have to think about as we go about our day.   Body awareness is having a sense of where our body’s parts are in space and how those parts move….

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