6 Reasons Kids Smoke

O Teen Smoking

Michael Popkin, a published parenting expert and spokesperson for the youth smoking prevention program called “Real Parents Real Answers,” offers six reasons for why kids choose to smoke.

  1. Peer conformity. Instead of “friends” convincing your kids they should smoke, your child may choose to smoke because of internal pressure he is putting on himself to fit in.
  2. Popular media. Studies show that kids who have seen three or more R-rated movies may be more likely to start smoking than those who had not.
  3. Lack of confidence. A confident child understands that the short-term benefit of fitting in does not outweigh the long-term costs of smoking.
  4. Self-medication. Turning to cigarettes, drugs or alcohol to lessen stress or escape from reality is an easy way for kids to make a quick fix.
  5. Boredom. Some children have a tough time being alone or staying occupied. The social aspect of smoking can create bonds between peers and fills the boredom void.
  6. Misinformation. This is the most preventable reason kids choose to smoke. Peers exert a greater influence on behaviors than parents, which means it’s critical for your child to be knowledgeable on the very real dangers of smoking.

Learn more at realparentsrealanswers.com.

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