5 Ways to Make Time for Breakfast

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The holiday break is over and school is back in session. Kids and parents are getting back to the school schedule: setting the alarm, getting ready for the school day, catching the bus, organizing homework, books, and after school activities. It’s easy to feel rushed and overlook the most important part of the morning: a healthy breakfast.

You are actually ‘breaking a fast’ when you eat breakfast. Remember, you have been sleeping all night (hopefully 8 hours) so your body is ready to get re-fueled. Eating breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It affects your mood, energy level and focus. When blood sugar levels are low from not eating for hours, we often react by being tired, irritable and out of focus, not a good way to start off a long and busy day.


Here are 5 ways to make sure you make time for a healthy breakfast:


Buy food for the week. Studies show that when you plan meals ahead of time, you are more likely to eat at home and make healthier choices. So think about what you want to prepare for the week and buy food for those meals. Keep it simple and convenient to prepare.


Plan ahead. Preparing food the night before, or at least thinking about what you will be eating for breakfast, can save valuable time in the morning. This is a good time to chop up tomatoes or spinach or onions to put in tomorrow morning’s omelette. You can even pull out the pans, food processors or other kitchen appliances you will be using to prepare your breakfast.


Give yourself enough time to eat in the morning. Even if you have to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, it is worth it to give yourself time to prepare and enjoy eating your breakfast. Make it part of your morning routine.


Have a ‘grab and go’ option. We all have days that are unpredictable. Maybe the alarm didn’t go off, or you missed the bus, the dog ran off, or you couldn’t find the outfit you wanted to wear. For those hectic mornings, you can still find time to eat breakfast by having a ‘grab and go’ option, like a banana, protein bar, string cheese or a yogurt drink. These options allow you to fuel your body in the morning until the next meal.


Make it a team effort. You can save time by helping each other with making breakfast. While someone is in the shower, someone else can be preparing breakfast or at least putting the food out on the counter so it’s ready for the next person. This reduces the time it takes each person to prepare breakfast, and you can take turns doing this. Don’t forget to take turns cleaning up!


Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make time to enjoy a healthy breakfast to have the best day possible!


Cindy Saleeby Goulding

Author of “Healthy Weight: It’s a Family Affair”



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