5 Essential Airplane Travel Items For Kids Under 5

When flying with kids, having the right stuff can be the ticket to a smooth ride.
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When flying with kids, having the right stuff can make all the difference between a smooth ride and what feels like an exhausting, never-ending saga. These tips come from my own trials and triumphs, traveling abroad with my kids each year for the last seven years.

1. Small backpacks or mini suitcases with wheels.

Luggage that kids can carry themselves provide easy access to key items during the flight and security checks.

2. A complete change of clothes for everyone.

Wearing a vomit-soaked shirt for the last three hours of an international flight is not fun — trust me.

3. Airplane-friendly activities that are quiet, engaging and don’t involve a lot of pieces.

Consider preparing a bag of inexpensive surprises for kids to unwrap at key moments throughout the journey. Magnetic blocks, lightweight books, stickers, Matchbox cars, a notebook and a few crayons provide perfect entertainment.

4. Kid-sized earphones.

Use with the in-flight entertainment system or plug into your iPad or tablet with favorite shows or games already downloaded.

5. Snacks and beverages.

You can purchase beverages and snacks once you’re through security, or pack your own snacks in a carry-on. Take empty water bottles to fill once you get through security. Gum and other snacks can be handy during takeoff and landing since swallowing helps kids clear their ears during changes in air pressure.

Liz Rothaus Bertrand lives in Charlotte. She loves to travel and write about her adventures.

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