5 Diapering Hacks

Breeze through diaper changes with these helpful pointers
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Lauren Bell Isaacs

Time and energy management are essential when there's lots of diapering to be done. Here are five diapering hacks I've employed to get the job done — and quickly.

1. Cut open diaper boxes as they arrive.

Guess which one of these boxes is easier to get a diaper out of in the middle of the night? While I do keep a stash of diapers in a basket on the changing table, my husband and I don't always remember to fill them back up after the last one is taken (life moves fast with a baby and a toddler). What I do try to always do is to "process" each box of diapers by slicing through the packing tape and cracking open each sleeve of diapers in the box before they are stored in the baby's closet. If for some reason the general supply runs out, the open boxes makes a frustrating situation, well, a little less frustrating.

2. Use a receiving blanket as changing table pad cover.

Is your changing pad cover a pain to change? Mine is. Did you get a million receiving blankets as shower gifts? I did. Put these workhorses to good use by covering your change pad cover. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous to cover a cover — but I swear this trick has saved me from losing my mind wrangling a changing pad after a particularly messy diaper change or spit-up explosions.

3. Flip over wipes to disperse contents.

It really frosts my cookies when the top wipes are too dry and the bottom wipes are sopping wet. To remedy this, I try to remember to flip the package at every changing or at least until the contents have properly redistributed — and then back over again.

4. Make a portable diaper pail for toddlers.

At one point I had two children in diapers but only one change table, which moved from the toddler's room to the nursery once the baby arrived. My toddler was too long for the change table but not quite out of diapers so I kept a portable "diaper pail" (as in bucket, not trash can) in her room filled with a few diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a — you guessed it — receiving blanket for diaper changes on the floor.

5. Buy diaper cream in the tub format to save money.

With baby #1, I had the idea that tube creams were somehow less messy than the tub version. Truthfully, your fingers get equally coated with both formats and the tub version is a little cheaper when you calculate the price per unit between the two. Save the tube version for your diaper bag or for traveling and keep a tub of cream where you do your primary changes.

What's your best diaper hack? Share yours in the comment section below.


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