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Where Can I Find Carolina Parent Magazine?

Everywhere! We distribute 40,000 free copies of Carolina Parent at the beginning of each month at more than 700 locations. Carolina Parent magazine is a free publication that informs, supports and advises parents throughout the Triangle area.

You can find the new issue at convenient locations including: schools, day care centers, public libraries, doctors' offices, restaurants, recreational facilities and grocery, video, book and drug stores. We are restocked throughout the month at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods Grocery and several Kroger stores, as well as public libraries throughout the Triangle.

Three annual guides — GPS (Go. Play. See.), Exceptional Child and Education Guide — are available at select locations.

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If you would like to distribute 25 copies or more each month at your place of business, call our office at 919-956-2430 or to fill out our distribution request form. We will gladly add you to our distribution list at no charge.


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