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Written by:  Andrea B.
Date: August 9, 2012

Brooklyn summers made up of barbecues and watermelon, sunscreen and above-ground swimming pools. The ice cream truck driving by in the dark heat of the night. Watching baseball games on the front porch in our PJs after a bath. Those clingy pajamas that were so light it was like you weren't wearing anything at all. My dad used to get vanilla ice cream with pineapple sauce. My brother and I found ourselves thrilled with vanilla cones and sprinkles. My mom watching, a smile on her face. Kids running around — spraying the hose to cool down on the concrete. Jumping rope and running up and down the block singing with my best friend. Memories that stick with me forever. Things I will never forget. And hope that someday my own daughter experiences so many of the same things in her own summers.


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