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Written by:  Beth Shugg
Date: October 1, 2012

North Carolina Haunts

Terrance Zepke, a Greensboro resident and author of numerous ghost books, shared five top places for ghostly haunts in North Carolina. Zepke's books include A Ghost Hunter's Guide to THE Most Haunted Places in America (Safari Publishing, $9.95) and Ghosts of the Carolinas for Kids (Pineapple Press, $9.95)

  1. The Grove Park Inn, Asheville: Haunted by the "Pink Lady," believed to be the spirit of a young girl who fell to her death from Room 545 in the 1920s.

  2. St. James Cemetery, Wilmington: Reportedly haunted by several spirits, including Samuel Jocelyn, who was accidentally buried alive.

  3. Hammock House, Beaufort: Bloodstains mysteriously appear periodically on the third floor and sounds of an orchestra, laughter, clanking and ghostly cries are heard.

  4. Chowan College, Murfreesboro: Haunted by the "Brown Lady," a young woman in a brown mourning dress who lost her fiancé in the Civil War and then lost her will to live.

  5. Hannah's Creek Swamp, Smithfield: Spirits of a group of looters who were hanged here, known as "The Marauders," linger.


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