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Written by:  Odile Fredericks
Date: May 26, 2012

Get started early on Father's Day plans, and you can make Dad's day special without spending a bunch. I've rounded up great ideas for homemade gifts and cards as well as some all-time favorite movies about fatherhood. Rent them ahead of Dad's big day and serve them with the desserts below.

Looking for a Father's Day outing? How about a hike in your local park or in the mountains? Triangle venues are also coming up with special Father's Day events, and you'll find them listed in our calendar on various days and also in our roundup, Head Out With Dad to Father's Day Events.

Or let Dad sleep in and make him breakfast in bed. The rest of the day should, of course, be chore-free for him! (See Dads Relax Better when Wives Do the Chores for details on why this might be an ideal gift!) Gift your spouse a Daddy coupon to be redeemed for a night off from housework or for free kisses and a spontaneous massage.


Making a card for Dad shows your kids took the time to create a gift and lets them put their personal touch on it. Each year, my kids make me Mother's Day cards and I keep them up all year until I get the next one. Then the old ones go into my treasure drawer. If you're looking for a cute design, Enchanted Learning and Martha Stewart offer tips on how to make a tie/folded shirt card. For Father's Day poems, visit or or or make up your own!


Browsing through Father's Day crafts on various sites, I came across a whimsical idea: Creative boxer shorts from Kaboose. They're useful, and you can personalize them to fit Dad's hobby.

Another handy gift is to create a car wash kit. But if you'd rather not focus on cleaning, how about eating?  Martha Stewart offers a cool idea to turn Dad's favorite foods into a custom gift for Father's Day by using her clip-art designs to make old-fashioned labels. It's a simple and thoughtful gift.


Speaking of food, what dad wouldn't enjoy a delicious dessert? Martha Stewart offers a range of dessert suggestions, like a sundae made with brownies, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and malt balls. Or just go with an old-fashioned root beer float or banana split, so the kids can fix it!

Top Father's Day Movies

Now on to movies. I enjoyed a trip down memory lane of Top Father's Day Movies, compliments of'll find some more parenthood movies on And I'll add one more favorite: Kicking and Screaming.

If you're looking for a couple of sites that offer a combination of Father's Day crafts, gifts, cards (some printables) and recipes try and

Ever wondered how Father's Day came about? Discover the answer here. Happy Dad's Day!

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