Discovering and Developing Your Child’s Gifts and Talents

Poe Magnet Elementary School – Gifted and Talented/AIG Basics


Be it painting, running, singing, nurturing or number-crunching, all people have unique gifts and talents. Most likely your preferences and passions have led you to where you are and what you do today. The same will go for your child.

Even at a young age, children demonstrate a proclivity to certain experiences and activities over others. Now is the time to encourage your child’s budding interests to unearth the true talents and passions she holds inside. The confidence she builds in those abilities will benefit her personally and educationally in the long run.

Offering a Gifted and Talented/Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Basics theme, Poe Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh focuses on teaching the whole child by empowering students to customize their academic programs. In addition to core subjects and in-class AIG instructional opportunities, educators at Poe engage students further with daily art- and academic-based elective classes including photography, robotics, orchestra, Mandarin Chinese, theater production and more. 

“Our school gives every child an opportunity to shine,” said Poe Principal Dr. Annice Williams. “It’s thrilling to see a child who excels at academics discover a new passion or to see a child who needs support in a core subject become a top performer in their area of giftedness. Our program models what I dream of seeing in our broader society—a unified community of diverse people coming together to learn from each other through shared interests and experiences.”

Are you interested in uncovering your child’s natural inclinations and abilities? Here are some ideas:

Pay Attention to Play

How does your child play? Does he gravitate to a group or prefer to play alone? Will he choose coloring over riding his bike? Watch the ways your child plays to gain a better understanding of his preferences through the activities he picks. You may notice a trend in his interests that will lead you to nurture his natural nuances.

Let It Go

Parents often sign their children up to play the sports they once played or take part in the activities they enjoyed. Your child is an individual. Let her guide her path of discovery. If she doesn’t choose the paths you paved, let it go. Give her the room to explore her interests instead.

Beckon the Blossoms

Instill optimism and confidence in your child by encouraging his exploration. Offering positive reinforcement and demonstrating a genuine interest in his interests will help validate his process of discovery.

“I’ve learned more about my son and the interests and talents he has inside through the electives he has chosen to take at Poe,” said Martha Crowley, a second-grade parent and associate professor of sociology at N.C. State University. “I’ve watched him grow more engaged and excited by what he’s doing at school, and I know he’s developing a love of being in a place of learning that will impact the quality of his educational experience long term.”

Parents interested in learning more about Poe Gifted & Talented/AIG Basics Magnet Elementary School may schedule a school tour or contact Magnet Coordinator Sebrina Williams at (919) 250-4777. The school is located at 400 Peyton Street in Raleigh. Visit the WCPSS Magnet Programs website at wcpss.net/magnet for more information about enrollment opportunities.