What You Need to Know About Magnet Schools


EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT when it comes to learning, so it’s always a good idea for parents to do their research and decide which type of educational institution is best suited for their student’s individual needs.

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) has 171 schools serving more than 157,000 students. Families with children in grades K-8 can apply to schools that follow either a traditional or year-round calendar.

There are also a number of private and charter schools in the area. And while charter schools are considered public schools, they are separate entities from WCPSS, as they operate under their own school boards. Another option is magnet schools, which provide a diverse array of learning opportunities for students.

Benefits of a Magnet School

Families with children in K-12 may apply to more than 20 different magnet schools that host 18 different magnet themes. These themes, such as Gifted and Talented, Immersion, Engineering to Leadership, and International Baccalaureate to Early Colleges, offer students an opportunity to take part in learning experiences and activities that better align with their learning preferences and helps them see the world differently.

Some of the newest magnet themes include: Center for Play and Ingenuity Magnet Elementary, an Academy of Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Middle, a Center for Digital Sciences Magnet Middle, and Center for Medical Sciences and Global Health Initiatives Magnet High School.  

Innovative and pioneering programs such as these challenge students to think creatively and analytically to solve problems, while diverse student body populations enable students to learn and see things from a different perspective. Wake County magnet schools provide students the tools they need to see things differently.


Learn More About Magnets
To learn more about all the magnet and early college schools, WCPSS will hold a Magnet & Early College Fair on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 9 a.m. to noon at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. For a list of upcoming recruitment events and to learn more about the application process, visit www.wcpss.net/magnet, Or, you can visit a school website and schedule a tour.

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