The Goat Squad Clears Unwanted Vegetation in Durham

Durham Parks and Recreation turn to goats for creative removal of vegetation, brush, and invasive species at Indian Trail Park


Photos of the Goat Squad courtesy of Durham Parks and Recreation

Durham Parks and Recreation has found the greenest way to remove vegetation and brush at Indian Trail Park on 1701 Albany St. in Durham. On Thursday, May 11, The Goat Squad, a local targeted grazing business, delivered 24 goats to the Northern section of the park between Indian Trail and the playground area. The goats are helping to clear unwanted vegetation, brush and invasive species to increase visibility of the playground from the parking lot and trail.

The Goat Squad goats will be grazing on brush and vegetation for approximately three days beginning Sunday afternoon, May 14, through Tuesday, May 16. The public is invited to come by and view the goats at work. They are very friendly and accustomed to people. The goats will be contained in a portable electric fence throughout their stay. Onlookers should avoid touching the fence and refrain from petting the goats unless Goat Squad staff are present to disconnect the fence and supervise public interaction with the goats. 

Using goats to remove vegetation is good for both the environment and the bottom line. Traditional methods for removing vegetation can compact soils and expose waterways, wildlife and people to potentially harmful chemicals. Goats love eating plants such as kudzu, poison ivy, privet, wisteria, honeysuckle bamboo and mixed brush. Their triangular mouths crush what they consume so the seeds that lead to new growth are no longer viable. When the goats depart, their manure serves as a natural high-quality soil fertilizer. 

In the coming weeks, Indian Trail Park will be open with a new playground to include play structures for ages 2-5 and 5-12 year olds, swings, and more. For more information call 919-560-4355.

Source: Durham Parks and Recreation





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