Nurturing a Global Thinker and Lifelong Learner

Are you interested in guiding your child to think globally?

Digital advancements are drawing global boundaries closer and closer creating a more connected world full of endless possibilities. A great immersion of cultures, theories, and perspectives, the ever-changing environment offers tremendous opportunity for all of us, especially young children, to explore, engage and become contributing global citizens.

In fact, research shows that students who are tasked to embrace cultural differences, collaborate with others, and broaden their belief systems often develop a deeper conceptual understanding both inside and outside the classroom. This specialized approach to learning is the core foundation of Fox Road Magnet Elementary School, which offers an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme theme.

The school’s unique program incorporates six transdisciplinary themes that beckon children to look beyond themselves, past their sidewalks and streets, to see the world around them differently. Students receive Spanish instruction and, after four years in the program, fifth-graders celebrate the culmination of their educational experience with an exhibition research project and presentation to teachers, parents and community members.

“Our International Baccalaureate theme offers a holistic, intentional way of learning that empowers children to become inquirers, effective communicators, and open-minded thinkers,” said Dr. Robert Lewis, principal of Fox Road Magnet Elementary. “We focus on the power of collaboration to cultivate confident, lifelong learners who have an awareness of the greater good and the wherewithal to identify and implement real-world solutions.”

Are you interested in guiding your child to think globally? You can seek out specialized educational programs like the one at Fox Road Magnet Elementary, and you can also nurture global awareness and self-inquiry at home.

Map It Out

Your child doesn’t need to visit different places to learn about them. Display a world map in your home to offer him a visual of the states, regions and countries that make up our world. Challenge him to:

  • Mark the places he has visited or read about
  • Pick three different items in your home, determine their country of origin and then find those places on the map

Introduce and Immerse

Select a different culture to learn about as a family. Discuss its customs and holidays, taste its cuisine, research its traditional attire, and listen to its language. You can also seek out area global festivals and cultural exhibits and performances to attend.

Figure Out the Family Tree

Trace your family tree. Talk about where family members were born and what they did. Research those different states or countries and professions to learn more about them.

“We understand the importance of learner engagement and strive to give all of our students a voice in their studies to cultivate new ideas and advance understanding,” said Dr. Lewis.

Parents interested in learning more about Fox Road Magnet Elementary School and its International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme may schedule a school tour or contact Magnet Coordinator Martha Hayes at (919) 850-8845, ext. 23938. The school is located at 7101 Fox Road in Raleigh. Visit Wake County Public School System’s Magnet Programs website at www.wcpss.net/magnet for information about enrollment opportunities.



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