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Citizen Schools: Helping Students Connect Talents to Professions

Local business people are connecting with students to grow talents and interests in professions.
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Physical Education and Recess Improve Behavior, Test Scores

Research shows that being active helps students in the classroom.

Testing Preschoolers

Testing may be required for applications to prestigious private or charter schools, or for early admission to public kindergarten.

North Carolina Schools Move Toward Digital Textbooks and Resources

Public and independent school leaders say there are advantages and challenges associated with switching from physical to digital textbooks.

Applying to NC Colleges? Take an Inside Look at 16 UNC Schools

These profiles detail everything from student-to-faculty ratios to acceptance rates and the percentage of students who successfully graduate in four years.

Then and Now: 10 Ways Education Has Changed

Our kids’ experience of school is beginning to look quite different from our own.

Kindergarten Readiness: 'Redshirt' or Enroll?

The option to enroll a child who is not quite 5 years old — or who may have just turned 5 — often complicates parents’ decision-making process.

Cursive Handwriting: Should It Stay or Go?

Today everything is typed — from reminders and thank-you notes to class assignments and office reports. Is there a place for cursive writing in our children's education?

Home Schooling: 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

We asked parents across North Carolina, “What made you take the plunge?”

Public or Private? Weigh the Options for Special Education Students

For parents of children who learn differently, school choice can be a very personal decision. Since there are varying degrees of disabilities, there are also varying degrees of special education.

The New SAT Test

When provided details about the proposed changes to the SAT, the surveyed parents’ opinions about the new format were divided.

NC Virtual Charter Schools

Going to school full-time without leaving home is now possible thanks to two virtual charter schools available to North Carolina students.

Homework Help

It's a hallmark of the "helicopter parent" who hovers over a child, making sure homework or a project is perfect, and it may be doing more harm than good.

Online Courses Expand Options for Students

Online courses through NCVPS are becoming more common for students throughout North Carolina. Enrollment has grown to more than 52,000 students representing all 115 North Carolina school districts since the program began in 2007.

Vaccines Required for Different Ages

The best way to prepare for your child's next pediatrician visit is to know which shots are required by schools and which are optional.

Why Make the Switch? Moving From Public to Private School

For the majority of kids across North Carolina, back to school means big yellow buses, busy hallways, noisy lunchrooms and large classes. But for other kids, the school experience is slightly different: carpool transportation, fewer students in a class and smaller school campuses. These children's families have opted out of public school, and chosen private school instead.

The Definitive Guide to Picking the Right Preschool

Four steps to picking the right preschool for your child.

Is Your Preschooler Academically Gifted?

Your toddler asks questions — lots of them. All preschool children are inquisitive, but you suspect she might be different — maybe gifted. You could be right. Even very young children can show signs of precocity.

Do Standardized Test Scores Really Matter?

Charter Schools in NC Expand Choice in Public Education

Choice in public school used to mean deciding between white or chocolate milk, but the inception of charter schools in 1997 has given families who rely on the public school system more options.

Digitized Preschools: Pre-K Technology Use Gains Ground

Smart Boards, computers, iPads, flip cameras and robots. Sounds like you’ve just entered an electronics store, but this actually describes many preschool classrooms in the Triangle as they begin to embrace technology. 

Looping, Flipping and Globalizing Classrooms

Learn how different teaching models can help your child get ahead in school.

School Communication Tips

It’s natural for parents to have questions about their children’s academic experiences and accomplishments as they journey through school. Here are points of contact for finding answers to questions you may have.

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View The Guide

The 2016-17 Education Guide offers 643 education resources in the Triangle, including area preschools, private schools, public school systems, charter schools, boarding schools and academic resources. Pick up your free copy at convenient Triangle locations.

  • Learn about Citizen Schools, programs that help students connect talents to professions.
  • Explore the digital textbook trend across North Carolina public and private schools.
  • Find out if your child is a candidate for early entry into kindergarten.
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Education Guide

The 2016-17 Education Guide offers 643 education resources in the Triangle, including area preschools, private schools, public school systems, charter schools, boarding schools and academic resources.

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Our debut Triangle Go-To Guide connects you to family fun resources across the Triangle. Plus, find out who our 2017 Readers' Favorites are.
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